Cropped Hoodie

Cropped Hoodie

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Grey cropped hoodie in a squishy fabric similar to neoprene, but thinner. Cuffs have been customised so they are more comfortable (elastic removed). Like most neoprene products, the seams feel a little exposed to your bare skin on the inside, so I recommend wearing with a layer underneath. Unfortunately the sleeves of this are too short on me so I can't wear it :(

Flat-lay Measurements*

Chest: 55cm
Total length: 43cm

Sleeve length may be more cropped on you if you're tall like me.

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*Flat lay measurements are a common way of providing measurements for clothing. The garment is laid on a flat surface and the measurement is taken along the front of the garment. For example, a flat lay chest measurement would be the chest of the garment measured from armpit to armpit across the front. These measurements are the most accurate and easy to compare to clothing you already own that fits well. To compare it with your actual body measurements taken all the way around your 3-dimensional form, simply double the flat lay measurements provided.